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Fall Fundraiser Goal

$311,959 of $310,000 Raised

Reaching 100% of our goal for the Fall Fundraiser event will finish off our need for the year and pay off the 90.9 Signal Expansion project!

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Overall Annual Goal

$1,151,959 of $1,150,000 Raised

Thanks to faithful KLRC supporters who gave during our spring Sharathon, the station’s annual need is already over 70% funded!

Budget Breakdown

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  • $500
    • Get the New KLRC Baseball Tee
    • Make a Positive Difference
    • Keep Hope Rising
    • Help complete 2015 Funding Need

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Most Popular Giving Level!
  • Dollar-A-Day

  • $30/mo
    • Releases 200 Pack Shack Meals
    • Make a Positive Difference
    • Keep Hope Rising
    • Provide Needed Ongoing Support

  • Give Now
  • Finish the Signal

  • $90.9/mo
    • Help Finish the 90.9 Signal Project
    • Release 200 Pack Shack Meals
    • Get the new KLRC Baseball Tee
    • Provide Needed Ongoing Support

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''I'm Strong Because of KLRC''

''I'm Strong Because of KLRC''

Though Michelle’s health problems have presented challenges for her and her family, the music and ministry of KLRC continues to give her strength when she needs it most.


Meet Michelle

''It's My Support Network''

''It's My Support Network''

Kiersten looked in her rear-view mirror and realized her life was about to change. After her accident, it was KLRC that helped her get back in the car.


Meet Kiersten

Life Change in a Taxi

Life Change in a Taxi

A taxi driver had the opportunity to lead a passenger to Christ because of a song on KLRC that played at just the right moment.


Read the Story

Loud and Clear

Loud and Clear

While Mark was in one of our Oklahoma communities, he met a very young KLRC listener who couldn’t wait to tell him how God uses KLRC in her life.


What She Said

Latest Updates

Led by an 11 Year-Old

Genna likes to drop by the KLRC studios during our fundraisers. She’s so faithful that we’ve started looking for her smiling face to come through the doors. And she came in on Day 1....

That’s When It All Changed

It took me a while to get a radio, but my Grandma sent me some Christmas money and the first thing I bought was a radio. I would take the antenna and stick it to the top of my metal bunk and then wrap it......

Partinering with The Pack Shack

This week, we have a very special opportunity to not only make a Positive Difference by sharing hope through uplifting music, but also by helping feed the hungry in our community and around the world!...

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Double Your Gift’s Impact!

KLRC has teamed up with The Pack Shack to make an even bigger impact in our community! When you make a new gift of $30 per month given via credit or debit card or bank draft, a generous donor to The Pack Shack will provide 200 meals to people in need… in your name!

About the Partnership

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